How to Discern Between the Voice of the Mind and Your Intuition

The difference is in the subtleness

The mind likes to chatter away the whole day. About the past, the future, and the in-between. It likes to talk about others, about potential ‘if’s’ and about what´s going to happen in the world. It´s very loud and doesn’t only manifest through lots of thoughts, lots of talking, and lots of worries, it also manifests through lots of external movement. Rushing, running, ruminating.

The louder the mind, the more movement the body needs. The quieter the mind, the less movement the body needs.

In stillness and quiet moments, new ideas are born, the heart shows the next step and the body feels relaxed about the now, the past, and the future. In moments of rush, nothing of value is audible.

What´s the voice of the mind?

The voice of the mind is the voice of the ego that has been conditioned by society. It´s the voice that says: “When you get that promotion at work, you´ll finally be happy.” “When you have that car, you´ll finally be happy.” “When you have that relationship, you’ll finally be happy.” “When you climb up the ladder of success, you’ll finally be happy.”

It´s a voice that relies on rushes of adrenaline, which last for short moments until the next goal has to be found. And so goes the cycle. One rush of adrenaline follows the next, until at one point, after going around in circles, you notice: “I´m still not happy. What´s wrong with me?”

That´s the voice of the mind when you follow the trail down the rabbit hole of society conditioning.

What´s the voice of intuition?

Intuition speaks in more subtle, quiet ways. It´s very soft, often irrational and only interested in the next step. It does not tell you that when you do this, this and this, you finally will be happy.

It simply says: “Try this.” “Go there.” “Trust this.”

It takes you moment by moment by the hand, allowing you to go from one relaxing, joyful, and inspiring moment to the next so that you don´t notice what a big leap you are actually making along the way.

What´s the difference between mind and intuition?

You need your mind to give yourself a framework. The mind helps you to plan. To set goals. To get clear on what you want. You need your mind to focus.

You need your intuition to take the right action, at the right moment, with the right people. You need your intuition to relax.

You need both, intuition and mind, like yin and yang. Sometimes you need focus and become strategic about your heart´s desires, and sometimes you need to let go and allow the inner voice to show you the next step.

If you only rely on one of them, you will be soon out of balance. Only trusting your intuition and going with the flow, makes you go bankrupt (that´s why a lot of spiritual people struggle with money, they have a full heart, but an empty bank account). Only trusting your mind will have you focus too much on the demands of society and therefore lose your own individual, magical path.

Miracles happen when you combine both aspects in life and consciously create your lifestyle by design.

Action Steps to balance your mind and your intuition

To strengthen the connection to your intuition, start asking questions. Ask yourself: “What do I truly want?” “What do I truly need in my life?” “What am I passionate about so that time flies by?” Don´t wait for an immediate answer to come, but let life show you, as you keep asking these questions. When you ask questions, your subconscious mind gets activated and will try to figure things out for you. It works.

To strengthen your connection to your mind and consciously use it to design your life, start writing things down. Write down your ideas, spontaneous insights, life goals. Write down what you want, why you want it, and how it will make you feel when you have it. Get clear on your why and the feelings you want to feel in your life. And start embodying these feelings today. If you want more money, get clear on why you want more money and what you will use it for (impact, charity, a bigger house, gifts for loved ones, travel?). And then double-check, if what you want will actually give your the desired feelings long-term.

Observe yourself in your day to day life. Are you constantly complaining about the same things? Change them. Are you dreaming about something for years, but keep telling yourself “I’m not ready yet?” Start today. Are you disregarding the messages of your body that says “Stop, I can´t do this anymore?” Listen, and let go of that which gives you stress.

It requires trust, willingness, and courage to follow the path that is uniquely yours, but it´s always worth it, if you are writing your own life story that your future kids will be inspired by!


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