How to Build an Unshakeable Brand

The silver lining is between strategy and intentional action

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Branding is not only a mere marketing trick. It´s a way to personalize your product, your company, and your idea to help your customers recognize your creation. No matter, if that´s on Instagram, Facebook, your website, or via Youtube.

Good branding includes the brand tone of voice, a recognizable design, and a logo. Often there is a brand bible behind the brand, which tells the story of the brand, its vision, and the characteristics of the product.

Think of branding as the formation of the personality of your product. The more relatable the character, the looks, and the voice of your brand are to your potential customers, the easier it is to stay in their minds and to convert them into paying customers.

Branding is about bonding.

Launch Initiatives that Nobody Else Does

In the ever-growing sea of brands, online campaigns, and products, it´s key to stand out and to be seen and valued by your customers. How do you do that?

Launching initiatives that nobody else does.

For example: If everybody is doing a free giveaway on Instagram to gain new followers, but you feel that´s not what represents the quality and the idea behind your brand, run an exclusive launch instead that is time-bound, starts and ends at a specific date and will only be available to the people that buy within that time-frame. Like this, you build hype and exclusivity at the same time.

If you want to leverage your engagement, but are fed up with the constant commenting on other people´s post, run a campaign that asks your customers to bring in their creative ideas to your product (design a shoe, create your own watch, become our new logo designer).

A media company from Asia, for example, launched their brand with a month-long initiative to design a logo for free, for anyone that needed it, within their capacity. They hired a designer in Indonesia for $350 a month for that, let him design a lot of logos, and got millions of clicks and strong visibility in the online design space. Through that launch alone, they onboarded their exclusive one-year-customers, so that they would have all of their expenses covered for twelve months, had a steady stream of work, and did not need to worry about recruiting new customers for the next months.

It´s not always the free give-aways that sell the most, sometimes it´s exclusivity and visibility that bring in the best results.

What it comes down to is influence, since the more influence you have in your field, the better you can position yourself and the easier it is to connect with customers and people from your broad network.

Show Up at Events

Events are the best multipliers there are. If you present your product or company at a fair, an event, or a speaking gig, you´ll reach thousands of people in only a few hours or days. Out of these thousands that see you, you will create new contacts, business partnerships, customers and increase the impact of your brand.

Events can propel your brand forward in no time, which otherwise would take you months or even years, if you´d try to do the networking only via Social Media, SEO, and knocking on people's doors.

Events help you to be seen by potential customers and give your brand more importance. But they also leverage connection to other event organizers, partners, collaborators, PR, and media that might give you an even greater reach.

Credibility is a snowball effect that makes things easier in the long run.

Promote Wisdom

Everybody loves to learn. And even if we are drowning in information, there is power behind short and simple lessons that everybody can ponder about and apply in their own life.

The more you can distinguish your content and message from others by promoting unique and valuable ideas, the easier it will be to grow your audience.

Show your audience that you care about them and that you are connected to them. The more humanitarian you are with them, the better the connection to them, just as you build a relationship with a new friend. If there is no mutual interest, the connection will not sustain. However, if there is mutual engagement, interest, and the same values, the connection grows stronger over time.

Choose Your Visual Strategy

Visual media converts 70% more than written content. Customers are 80% more likely to buy after watching a video, than after reading about a product on a website. If you make the right use of Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, you can drive your sales up by 75% using the right visual strategy alone.

Outstanding visual content, coupled with smart storytelling and a human connection is what brings your customers closer to you. And that´s what ultimately leads to sales.

If you compare two competitors on amazon, for example, the one that has the stronger storytelling and a sincere human connection with their customers, supported by great imagery, is the one that will sell more. It doesn´t depend on SEO, on the product itself, or on the written content alone, but on the emotional connection to the product, the visual storytelling and the brand strategy.

Key Points

Here are the main take-aways to build your unshakeable brand!

  • do something unique in your marketing
  • genuinely care about your customers
  • use storytelling to promote your ideas
  • show up at events that multiply your reach
  • connect with partners

I hope this served you and you found inspiration in these unique ideas to launch your product and reach even more customers!


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