It takes a challenge to get you out of your comfort zone

running goals
Marco Tjokro via Unsplash

Hand in hand we work together

Circular Economy through Women’s Whatsapp Groups
Jorge Gardner via Unsplash

© picture by author


The hidden treasures of the void

Ganapathy Kumar

Traveling to costa rica amidst covid and pandemic
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© picture by author: Puerto Escondido, Carizalillo Beach

Puerto Escondido — OAX

© pic by author: Bacalar, Pueblo Magico

Money, Cash and lost Visa Card while traveling
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We are still human beings that feel, after all.

Marketing: 3 Reasons why energy comes before strategy
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Anne Haack

Transformational Coach, Writer, DJ, Insight Timer Teacher. Travelled Asia for 7 years, learned from a sage, published a book. Join:

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